DIY Alphabet Canvas

Hey guys!!! I’m so excited to share with you how I made this super cute canvas for Brenalynn’s room. It turned out so cute and I love it sooooo much! This post contains affiliate links for items I personally recommend and love!  So first things first, here’s what I used! Blank canvas ABC stickers (dollar…… Continue reading DIY Alphabet Canvas

DIY Giant Jenga!

This is the finished post! lol As you all saw, I’m still learning all the Ins and Outs of WordPress. So I accidentally posted this before I was finished writing it, or even making the Jenga itself! And of course we were on our honeymoon when I noticed so I couldn’t do a darn thing…… Continue reading DIY Giant Jenga!

A DIY Address Book, with common household items!

Hello! Hello! So I was going through all of my paper things and reorganizing and I saw my wimpy little address book I got from the Dollar store. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worked perfectly. But it’s kind of flimsy and easily falls apart. So I went on to wonderful Pinterest and found a fellow…… Continue reading A DIY Address Book, with common household items!