Quick Tips to Bring More Energy into your Home

Sometimes we get into a rut and need a little bit of energy to pull us through the rest of the day. I’ve found that these few simple tasks help keep me motivated throughout the day and help me feel accomplished. I’ve also included a freebie for you all to help you manage your energy and cleaning in your home!


Music is a great way to get your body and mind going. Not only does it body your mood it can also help keep you motivated! I like to blast loud music so I can hear it from any room, or if you’re trying to be a bit more quite then play music from yoir phone and keep it in your pocket or wear headphones. 

My favorite stations to put on are upbeat ones! I play music from my Samsung player and pick a station that sounds good. I really love it because there’s multiple stations you choose from. I also like iHeart Radio because it’s free and plays tons of stations too. Plus, who doesn’t love a little dancing in between cleaning and daily tasks?!


One thing I’ve noticed when I’m feeling lazy and I need to get things done is opening the blinds. Letting in all the natural light can really brighten my mood instantly and gets me motivated to do whatever it is on my mind. Plus sunshine is full of vitamin D which naturally provides you more energy and boosts your mood!


A clean bedroom always helps me feel better. Making your bed each morning when you wake up will help you feel more productive throughout the day. Keep dirty clothes in a hamper or basket, off the floor. The open space gives more room for energy to flow! These few things are easy to keep up with and can really improve your energy levels.


The kitchen is known to be a place for gathering, so it’s always a good idea to keep dishes out of the sink and the counters wiped off. A neat kitchen is much more inviting than a sink full of dishes. I’ve found a good way to keep up the kitchen is to rinse the dishes right after use and stick them in the washer, run the washer before bed and empty it in the morning. That way the dishes are always out of site and your sink is clean, bringing you that productive feeling!


This is always a hard one for me, things just pile up in our house. I do try to declutter a little bit every day. Yes, everyday. Having a 9 month old that drags her toys all through out the house and a husband that has a car & vape hobby makes that a must. Something new I’ve been trying is putting toys in one corner out of the way, car parts in the garage and vape things in a cabinet. This way they always have a place to be put back once they are forgotten about. This helps me feel like I’ve decluttered enough to sit down and relax a bit. At least until the next mess is made. Which brings me to our last category.


I’ve put together a weekly cleaning list that I try to remember to use. I’ve stuck it on the refrigerator so I see it more often and have no excuse. It goes through each and every one of these tips plus more to help keep your house clean and give you more energy to do other things with your time, instead of cleaning all day. I’ve included a link to it so you can download it and print it yourself! Who doesn’t love freebies?!

Pick up your Simple Task Cleaning List by clicking the link!

I hope these tips help you bring more energy into your home and help you with more time for things other than cleaning!

XOXO- Erica

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