Creating a Schedule and Sticking to it 

Working out and staying healthy can be really hard for anyone. My husband and I both struggle with it. One way we have found that makes things a bit easier is sticking to our schedule. Here are a few reasons why creating a schedule is good for you and how to motivate yourself to stick to it. 

I’ve found that it is much easier to go to the gym when I know what I’m going to work on. I try to stick to 1 leg day, 1 booty day and 1 upper body day. I came up with this based off of my overall goal. Knowing what you’re going to work on will help motivate you to get to the gym or do that workout at home because you can pinpoint the success area. I like to vision my goal while working each area, it tends to push me a little harder. 


Keeping a schedule is also beneficial for your children if you have them. Structure is very important for children, but keeping a gym schedule for yourself will also help them. If you go to a gym and use the daycare system, your kids are most likely seeing the same kids and same caregiver if you’re sticking to a schedule. This makes it more comfortable for them, which in turn makes it more comfortable for you. If you aren’t using a gym and are working out at home, I would try scheduling it around a nap time or put on a movie for distraction. You can also talk to family and friends to find a regular sitter schedule for a half an hour 2-3 times a week. Or if they like to workout with you you can utilize them as extra weight while bonding!


Having Cory workout with me helps me stay accountable. There are always days where we don’t feel like going to the gym. So having the other to tell us we have to go really helps. I like to remind us both that if we are tired and not wanting to go, that means we ESPECIALLY need to go. Cory also helps push me to do more weight than I want to do and more reps, which always gives me a better workout. 

If you don’t have a significant other that goes to the gym with you or works out, try to find someone who will keep you accountable. Even if it’s just them asking you what you did at the gym. Every little bit helps. 


I haven’t started any classes yet, but I love how they are all on a schedule. It makes it way easier to stick to your personal workout schedule. Right now I’m looking for one class that I can do once a week. Classes can really help you stick to your schedule because once you start going there’s always going to be the same instructor and classmates. They are going to help you stay accountable. It’s a really great idea to build a friendship with your instructor or a classmate if you struggle with going to the gym because they can act as as accountability partner and help motivate you to keep going. If you’re more the quite type that’s okay to, the classes are usually fun enough to make you want to come back the next time. 


Another great thing about creating a schedule for your workouts at a gym is you can pinpoint the busy times. Take note of what areas are busier than others at specific times, so that if you’re like me and my husband, shy, you can still get your workout without so many people around you. 

There are so many great reasons to make a workout schedule and stick to it. I hope some of these help motivate you to keep going!

XOXO- Erica

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