Baby Food Top 10

Hello! Hello!

So as you all know, Brenalynn just turned 7 months old… And what a busy month it as been since she turns 6 months old. She’s sitting up and starting to crawl. She’s working on her words and can say BaBa pretty consistently when she wants one. We’re still working on MaMa and DaDa but this baby girl is all about the FOOD.

I swear it’s all she cares about lol. So I’m just going to talk about a few of her favorites that we’ve seen sofar. Because let’s be honest, there’s only a few she won’t eat… which I’ll talk about at the end 🙂

This post does contain affiliate links to the food options I talk about, because well, they’re wonderful. 

# TEN – Gerber’s, Mixed Veggies (2pack)

Brenalynn liked this one okay, but I made the mistake of introducing fruits first so she has a bit of a sweet tooth like mommy. She does eat the whole container though.

# NINE – Happy Baby Organics, Pears Pumpkin & Passionfruit (pouch)

This one I feel like might have been too sour for her but she still ended up eating most of it. It will be really nice once she figures out she can suck the pouch instead of me squeezing it out.

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Gerber 2nd Foods Variety Pack, Veggies, 4 Ounce Tubs, 2 Count (Pack of 16)

# EIGHT – Gerber’s, Sweet Potato & Corn (2 pack)

Brena loves sweet potatoes so I thought this one would be just as good, but she definitely didn’t love it as much as just Sweet Potatoes. It took her a little longer to finish this container but she did!

# SEVEN – Gerber’s, Apricot & Mixed Fruits (2 pack)

In my opinion this one was just too weird with the apricot. But, she ate almost the whole thing and even opened her mouth waiting for another bit a few times. That’s usually how I tell if she really likes it.

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Gerber 2nd Foods Variety Pack, Fruit, 4 Ounce Tubs, 2 Count (Pack of 16)

# SIX – Gerber’s, Banana Mango & Carrot (2 pack)

Baby girl loves bananas so much. So pretty much anything with banana in it she eats it right up. This one I wasn’t too sure though because she’s not a fan of carrots. Unless it’s a solid carrot she can bite. She ate the whole thing so fast. I guess the fruit overpowered the veggies!

# FIVE – Gerber’s, Banana & Mixed Berries (2 pack)

Again with the bananas! This one she really liked. It’s pretty similar to her #2 favorite so she ate it up pretty quick. The only thing I noticed with the darker foods is they slightly stain her face lol. But that’s pretty much a given.

# FOUR – Gerber’s, Sweet Potato (2 pack)

I’m pretty sure this was the second food we tried and she ended up eating most of it that first day. The second day she ate a whole container. I apparently wasn’t getting her bites fast enough because she was leaning forward towards the spoon as if saying, “Mom, hurry up!” Definitely a top favorite.

# THREE – Gerber’s, Squash (2 pack )

We recently tried squash and it was a very similar reaction to the Sweet Potatoes. She absoloutly couldn’t get enough. We finished the whole pack in that day. Lunch and dinner.

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Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Organic Baby Food Stage 2, Apples Kale & Avocados, 4 Ounce, 16 Count

# TWO – Beach Nut, Banana Blueberry & Green Beans

We brought this one with us to a Mexican restaurant and I was worried she wasn’t going to eat it because it wasn’t warm. My dad fed her this one and she just couldn’t get enough. She was chasing the spoon and getting upset when Grandpa pretended to eat it.

# ONE- Beach Nut, Apples Raspberries & Avacado 

This one went so fast. Cory fed it to her and she was done eating it in about 5 minutes. Even he said it was tasty.

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Beech-Nut Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Variety Pack, 4.25 Ounce (Pack of 10)

So there it is! Brenalynn’s top Ten! We still have quite a few to try. She’s only eating them twice a day as well as her breakfast cereal and formula 🙂 She’s been doing really great with most things but there’s a few she has just refused to have more of. Those being : peas, carrots and kale, spinach & pear mix. But I’d say with everything we’ve tried having only 3 no no’s is a good thing!!

Baby girl loves her food.

See you all next week! XOXO

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