Brenalynn Update – 6 Months Old

Brenalynn just turned 6 months old, and boy has her temperament changed. She grabs at anything in my hands, stares down any food going into my mouth and throws the biggest tantrums for such a tiny child. So here’s a little insight on what I do in a day with my 6 month old princess.

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We usually wake up sometime between 7 and 9. She likes to sit in her crib and talk to herself, sometimes she falls back asleep. Once she’s up I get her changed and ready for breakfast. We have started her on Gerber’s Banana and Oatmeal Cereal and she really seems to love it. She has a 2oz baba after to wash it down.

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Story Time

I really enjoy reading some books to her, her favorite one is Musical Rhymes Book by Vtec and Dory’s Friends by Play-a-Sound from the Finding Dory Collection. We read for about 20 minutes depending on how engaged she is. She loves banging on them and getting a sound in return. This morning I let her play extra long with her Musical Rhymes Book in her crib so I could rearrange some of her wall art. I’m working on a new DIY! The alphabet on a canvas for Brena’s room! 

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Outside Time

Brenalynn LOVES being outside. She could be mid cry when you walk out the door and she’ll immediately stop crying. Lately however, just going outside isn’t enough anymore. Now she needs to play in the pool. She bangs on the patio table and reaches for the dark spots that are on the underside. Sometimes I bring a toy out with us and that keeps her occupied a little bit longer. She loves to sit in the grass too, so I’ll lay a blankie down and let her good off.

Playtime Inside

Sometimes I lay out a soft blankie on the carpet and put a few toys down for her to play with. These are a few of her favorites, Fisher Price piano, Skwish by Manhattan Toy and her Baby Links. She loves chewing on the Baby Links and throwing them around. I tickle her a little and make noises to try and get her to laugh. We still haven’t gotten the full baby laugh yet. I also really love these bibs that were gifted to me! They are so awesome for her downpour of drool since shes, from what I can guess, drooling. They are from Mati Mati. So many colors and choices and really soak up the drool. You can get them here or on Amazon but there’s a 25% discount right now on their site. (This is not an affiliate link I just love these bibs!)

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Nap Time

She usually naps for about 2 hours during the middle of the day. I usually try to lay her down around 11:30 and sometimes she’ll sleep until 2! Brenalynn is a pretty good sleeper once you get her down. I’ll usually get a 3 oz baba and rock her in our rocking chair while I feed her. It calms her pretty well and I can usually set her right in the crib after a few pats on the back.

Bath Time

Her favorite. I run the tub about 1/4th full with bubbly water while she sits on the non slip mat. She loves watching the water come from the faucet. She slashes and plays with her Baby Links. I try to let her play as long as I can before her little toes get too wrinkly. Since she has been sitting on her own I got this awesome bath tub mat that came with a knee pad for me. She will sit there and play forever and she usually gets really upset when I take her out.

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More Play Time
I like to change up the scenery a bit so sometimes we go and lay on the bed and play. I like to build a pillow fort around her though because she ROLLS EVERYWHERE! She likes to watch me pop up from behind the pillows and makes sure I’m watching her when she’s playing. She likes to chew on Mommy’s phone too.

Taking care of her all day is definitely a tough task, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It is so rewarding watching her grow and become her own little person with her own little personality. I hope I was able to give some ideas for new mommy’s and give a good idea of what it’s like with a 6 month old.

Thanks for joining me this week! Stay tuned for a DIY Alphabet Canvas next Friday!

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