DIY Giant Jenga!


This is the finished post! lol

As you all saw, I’m still learning all the Ins and Outs of WordPress. So I accidentally posted this before I was finished writing it, or even making the Jenga itself! And of course we were on our honeymoon when I noticed so I couldn’t do a darn thing from my phone to fix it for you all. So I’ve added a little bit more info and a finished picture 🙂 Try to bear with me on my blogging journey and we will create some great things together!

So a while ago my best friends step dad made a giant Jenga for their yard and I have wanted one ever since. Yeah you can always buy one for like $50 but why would I do that when I could make it for a fraction of that?!

This project has been on my mind a very long time and I finally was able to make one for my wedding! I love games and things that bring people together and Jenga is so perfect because so many people can play at the same time!

Now I was really lucky to already have everything I needed to make these, with borrowed tools of course! So here’s a list of the items you’ll need to acquire:

  • 5 pieces of 8″ 2x4s
  • Skill saw (borrowed, but then I got one as a wedding gift! yay!)
  • Sander and sand paper (anything from 60 -100 grit should work)
  • Safety glasses (I used my regular glasses, hehe)
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Paint (if you want, but I ran out of time)

Once you have all of your items gathered start measuring out 10 1/4″ and marking it all the way down one piece of wood. (I was dumb and thought 12″ logs would work, don’t do that, they don’t line up, lol. So I ended up with 3 less pieces than you will end up with.)


If you did this right you should get 9 pieces out of each piece of wood. Then to make things quicker I lined them all up evenly next to each other and used my measuring tape to draw a straight line across all the pieces at the same time. Continuing one end down to the other. I forgot to take a picture of the next few steps, I was in the zone, sorry!


Once you have your lines I was cutting two boards at a time (makes it easier to hold them down). Just make sure your lines are lined up right side by side and start your cut slow so you know where the blade is. Then I’d just move the boards closer to the edge of my table and cut the next one and continue that. This should be what it looks like once you’ve cut all the pieces!


Pretty exciting! It looks crooked but I didn’t have them lined up right because there’s a LOT of splinters once you cut so be careful!

I did all the cutting while my baby girl was sleeping, and I could have done the sanding but I couldn’t find the sander. So once my husband got home I asked him where it was so I could continue the next day during Brenas’ nap!

The next few days were VERY hectic. Just a few days before our wedding. So we were running around like crazy trying to get all of the other things ready. We almost didn’t get this finished for the wedding. Thankfully Cory had his friend Anthony come over and save the day! He finished sanding the Jenga while I bossed Cory around and ran around like a mad woman. I am so thankful for all the help we had because we never would have finished the Jenga in time for the wedding, and it really was a HUGE hit!


This was the final set up! With our beautiful arch my uncle made us for the wedding! We ended up moving the Jenga to the grass because it is SO loud when it falls. It really added so much life to our wedding, the kids and adults loved it, and it’s so exciting when it falls.

Well, I hope you have fun making your Giant Jenga and don’t have to rush through it like we did. It really adds so much life to your get-togethers! Thank you for sticking with me though all of the mess!

Much love and see you again on Friday!


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