I’m a newbie, bear with me…

So, this past week has been hectic to day the least. I just got married on Tuesday the 18th and I’ve been trying to balance wedding plans and learning how to use WordPress at the same time. Poor planning on my part. 

I was just so excited to get my blog started and the reason my website is called Onto The Next is because we’ll, I’m always thinking of my next project! 

So this post is just a warning of the mistakes I may be making on my blogging journey. As you’ve seen I accidentally posted my Giant Jenga before it was finished and on the same day as my Five Love Languages. This was a complete accident. 

So I’m going to repost my finished Giant Jenga post on Tuesday once I have it all finished up for you guys. Because um… who likes an unfinished DIY post. 

Apologies for the mess up and I hope you all understand. Weddings get your brains all juggled up. But a good thing about it is that now I’m a Wife to my handsome Husband! Plus I’ll have lots of things to tell you all about. Like how our wedding was under $2000 and great finds from the Dollar store! 

Don’t give up on me just yet! 

Much love! See you on Tuesday! 

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