Baby Food Top 10

Hello! Hello! So as you all know, Brenalynn just turned 7 months old… And what a busy month it as been since she turns 6 months old. She’s sitting up and starting to crawl. She’s working on her words and can say BaBa pretty consistently when she wants one. We’re still working on MaMa and…… Continue reading Baby Food Top 10

DIY Alphabet Canvas

Hey guys!!! I’m so excited to share with you how I made this super cute canvas for Brenalynn’s room. It turned out so cute and I love it sooooo much! This post contains affiliate links for items I personally recommend and love!  So first things first, here’s what I used! Blank canvas ABC stickers (dollar…… Continue reading DIY Alphabet Canvas

Brenalynn Update – 6 Months Old

Brenalynn just turned 6 months old, and boy has her temperament changed. She grabs at anything in my hands, stares down any food going into my mouth and throws the biggest tantrums for such a tiny child. So here’s a little insight on what I do in a day with my 6 month old princess.…… Continue reading Brenalynn Update – 6 Months Old

How we had a Beautiful Wedding for under $1500

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I do not use affiliate links unless I truly believe in the product! Weddings can get REALLY expensive, especially with all the wonderful inspiration ideas from Pinterest. But I’m going to tell you how I had my fairy-tale wedding for under $1500. Yes, it can be done! Our…… Continue reading How we had a Beautiful Wedding for under $1500

How to Paint a Laminate Bookcase

My daughter has been given books since before she was born, we’ve gathered quite a collection. So I’ve been working on a bookcase for her room. That way the collection can grow even bigger! Now I’m not a huge fan of the laminate wood look, especially when everything in her room is cutsie! All of…… Continue reading How to Paint a Laminate Bookcase

DIY Giant Jenga!

This is the finished post! lol As you all saw, I’m still learning all the Ins and Outs of WordPress. So I accidentally posted this before I was finished writing it, or even making the Jenga itself! And of course we were on our honeymoon when I noticed so I couldn’t do a darn thing…… Continue reading DIY Giant Jenga!